Our Story

Our Story

A social impact business with charitable status, VALID Nutrition was set up in Ireland and the UK in 2007 by Steve Collins, a medical doctor and world renowned expert on nutrition. Steve pioneered the development of Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), a model of care to treat severe acute malnutrition (starvation) that moved away from the traditional and low coverage inpatient/hospital model, to treating people in their homes with the support of local clinics and the use of a highly nutritious food called “Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)”.

Establishment of the Malawi factory

In 2009, VALID Nutrition set up its factory in Malawi to advance the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic malnutrition by manufacturing high quality ready-to-use foods (RUFs) in a country with high levels of acute malnutrition, with the aim of maximising social and economic value. Our factory in Malawi demonstrates that VALID Nutrition’s “farm-to-mouth” model is the best approach, as it supports and strengthens the local food supply chain through its procurement of raw ingredients from small-holder farmers and other suppliers, expanding the local know how on the manufacture of quality nutritious foods and reducing the environmental footprint, as the products are used locally where need is high.

Since its establishment, the Malawi factory has played a significant role in VALID Nutrition’s R&D programme as its producer of innovative nutritious food products.

VALID Nutrition – Exagris Africa partnership

In 2013, VALID Nutrition and Exagris Africa Ltd (EAA) partnered to further develop this “farm-to-mouth” model by strengthening the local food value chain through improved agricultural practices in groundnut production, storage and handling. Local farmers supply the groundnuts - the main ingredient currently in our products - and Afri Oil (an EAA initiative) processes them for use at our VALID Nutrition Malawi factory.

From a global perspective, the partnership between Exagris, an enlightened agricultural business, and VALID Nutrition, a social enterprise, is unique and creates a powerful synergy and reach – from farm to malnourished children.

VALID Nutrition and EAA are now the two shareholders of our factory.

For more information on ExAgris: http://www.exagrisafrica.com
For more information on VALID Nutrition: http://www.validnutrition.org

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VALID Nutrition Malawi

Striving to make improvements in ways to better tackle malnutrition problems with readily available raw materials and improved performanceA study by GIF investee Valid Nutrition has revealed ready-to-use therapeutic foods made with soya, maize and sorghum are more effective in treating anaemia and correcting iron deficiency among children with severe acute malnutrition than the standard milk-based formulation, and a much lower cost, paving the way for further research into alternative malnutrition treatments made up of widely available staples. Read the full report in BMC Public Health ✏


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VALID Nutrition Malawi

Its time for the Private Sector to play its part in Malawi!The #ScalingUpNutritionBusinessNetwok #SBN will be launched on 20th February 2019 @RyallsHotel in Blantyre. The network aims to support businesses in growing the role they play in nutrition #MCCCCI #CSONA #MinistryofIndustryTradeTourism ...

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