Severe acute malnutrition

Severe Acute Malnutrition

Severe acute malnutrition is characterised by a sudden major weight loss. The risk of death for children under 5 years of age is high, requiring a quick nutritional and medical intervention. 

VALID Nutrition Malawi has developed a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) to treat severe acute malnutrition in children over 6 months and adults. It is for institutional use upon the recommendation of a health professional.


Note: breastfeeding is recommended until at least 24 months (exclusive up to 6 months). All VALID Nutrition products are only for children > 6 months and do not replace breastfeeding.

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2 months ago

VALID Nutrition Malawi

Striving to make improvements in ways to better tackle malnutrition problems with readily available raw materials and improved performanceA study by GIF investee Valid Nutrition has revealed ready-to-use therapeutic foods made with soya, maize and sorghum are more effective in treating anaemia and correcting iron deficiency among children with severe acute malnutrition than the standard milk-based formulation, and a much lower cost, paving the way for further research into alternative malnutrition treatments made up of widely available staples. Read the full report in BMC Public Health ✏

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6 months ago

VALID Nutrition Malawi

Its time for the Private Sector to play its part in Malawi!The #ScalingUpNutritionBusinessNetwok #SBN will be launched on 20th February 2019 @RyallsHotel in Blantyre. The network aims to support businesses in growing the role they play in nutrition #MCCCCI #CSONA #MinistryofIndustryTradeTourism ...

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